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My Story

My name is Vanessa Atkinson, Scentsy Director since February, 2014. I have been married for 12 years and have 3 handsome boys that God handpicked just for me. They keep me tiringly busy but enjoy every bit of it. Scentsy is now our family business and everyone has a part they play in helping run it successfully.

I was introduced to Scentsy in 2013, knew very little about the products but I bought a baseball warmer and still my all time favorite scent...Eskimo Kiss! I had my now Director ask me about joining Scentsy, very hesitant because I was just thinking it was another "throw your money away" kind of business. I politely denied her offer and went on about my business. I thought to myself, I have three active boys and a husband who is only home half the month I could never do this Scentsy thing. Well another opportunity came up, My Director now asked me to do a basket party for her to earn free products so I agreed. Little did I know from that one party and the success from it I was about to venture into something I never dreamed possible. I earned tons of free products with very little work from that basket party because the only thing I did was share it with my friends. Fast forward a few months later I decided to join Scentsy! (Still best decision ever) I tripled promoted to a Director 7 months after joining!

Scentsy has been my saving Grace always being a stay at home mom I finally found my "jam" if you will! I have all my life been a very HUGE introvert but gosh dang it I have to date spoke at our Scentsy conventions in front of hundreds of people. Lead an amazing team of people who have become family to me and enjoy riding on this journey with them!

I have earned some amazing trips with Scentsy that my husband and I have been very blessed to go to. Vegas, cruise to Cozumel, earned Disney but took Nashville, New York and now we are earning a Mediterranean cruise from Spain. I mean a once in a lifetime trip, heck yes!!!!

If you stumbled upon my website and would love to talk about the opportunity about joining with me please let me know, email me @ or call/text 479-926-6892